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Lower School Tuition


Classes for K-8th grade Monday/Wednesday full-day students include Math, Language Arts, Science, Art History, and Religion.  Classes for the K-8th grade Half-day Basic Program include Math and Language Arts only.  Classes for the K-8th grade Friday Enrichment program are $50 per month. Payment plans are available. A separate testing fee of $40 per student will be charged in the Spring to cover the cost of the IOWA test which will be administered yearly.  

Kindergarten to 8th Grade Full-Day Monday/Wednesday Tuition
Our kindergarten through 8th grade students attend a full day of classes including math,
language arts, religion, science and history/art.



Books: ~$250

Uniforms: variable

Annual Testing: $40

Yearbook: $35


per student/month

Or $3,250 one-time payment

Kindergarten to 8th Grade Half Day Monday/Wednesday Tuition
Half-day students attend morning classes with math and language arts.



Books: ~$150

Uniforms: variable

Optional Annual Testing: $40

Optional Yearbook: $35


per student/month

Or $1,850 one-time payment


per month for each class


Multiple child discount for Full-Day Monday/Wednesday package:

First child - Full Tuition
Second child - $100/yr discount
Third child  - $200/yr discount
Fourth child or more $300/yr discount


Application fees:

Before March 1st - $125 per student

Between March 1st and March 31st - $150 per student

Between April 1st and May 31st - $200 per student

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