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Friday Enrichment Classes

St. John the Baptist Hybrid is offering enrichment classes on Fridays to the homeschool community.  With options such as Spanish, Art, PE, Music, and more, Fridays are a great supplement to our Monday and Wednesday classes.   Cost per class is $55 per month.

Friday Class Offerings


Students explore art through project-based activities. Projects will employ various techniques to expose students to different types of art.


These introductory classes will involve exploring the types of instruments and how music is played. Students will also have the opportunity to learn to read music and discover the history of music in the Church.


Physical Education classes involve an assortment of exercises and stretching.  Students will play sports and enjoy outdoor activities.


Spanish classes will help the student develop the skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language. Students will learn about Spanish cultures as they discover various dialects.

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