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Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are experienced instructors who are passionate about education.  All lead instructors have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and many have Master's degrees in education as well as a Georgia Teaching Certificate. With diverse backgrounds in Catholic schools, public schools, and other hybrid homeschool programs, our teachers partner with parents to make this a great experience for all of our students.

Jessica Aguilera

Aguilera, Jessica NURSERY.JPG

Nursery and 2nd/3rd Grade History and Religion

 Mrs. Aguilera has a Master's in Counseling from Argosy University.  Her passion for the Catholic Faith led her to a teaching position at St. John the Baptist.  She is married and has three children.  Mrs. Aguilera is a strong pro-life advocate and encourages the children to join in many pro-life activities throughout the year. 

Holly Amodio


Fourth Grade Science & Religion Teacher

Mrs. Amodio graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Exercise Science. She then received her Health Fitness Instructor Certification through a rigorous program instituted by the American College of Sports Medicine. Mrs. Amodio believes the more we learn about science, especially the human body, the more it points back to a loving Creator and our Catholic Faith. As a life-long Catholic, she has a passion for teaching our students the faith and integrating it into their science curriculum.

Angela Barnes


Sign Language Teacher

Mrs. Barnes is an assistant instructor for American Sign Language and a vital part of the St. John the Baptist community.  She is married and has four children.  Mrs. Barnes is an experienced homeschool teacher and volunteer in her parish.

Melissa Bell

Bell, Melissa 2nd GRADE LA AND MATH.JPG

Second Grade Language Arts and Math Teacher

Mrs. Bell has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Kennesaw State University. She grew up in Kennesaw and married her high school sweetheart in 2001. They have five wonderful children, two of which attend SJBH! Her enthusiasm spills over into her classroom!

Kimberly Cannon


High School Language Arts Lead Teacher

Ms. Cannon graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2017. Following graduation, she worked as a reporter for the Valdosta Daily Times for close to a year before moving on to attend graduate school for teaching. While pursuing her graduate degree, she taught English at Colquitt County High School in Georgia. She earned a Master of Arts in Teaching, with a major in secondary education, from Valdosta State University in the summer of 2019. 

Beth Carter


High School History Teacher

Mrs. Carter earned her degree in International Affairs from Kennesaw State University. She has taught grades two to twelve in various hybrid settings and homeschooled her six children for several years. Mrs. Carter loves sharing her passion for lifelong learning with her students.

Theresa Dodd

Dodd, Theresa High School Math.JPG

High School Math Teacher

Mrs. Dodd graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computers and a minor in mathematics from Nichols State University.  She has experience working as an engineer before educating her children at home.  Mrs. Dodd is a consultant for a local Catholic homeschool program in addition to teaching for St. John the Baptist. 

Molly Gareau

Gareau, Molly Religion 9 and Music.JPG

High School Religion and Music Teacher

Mrs. Gareau holds a Bachelor's degree in both International Affairs and Music Performance from Xavier University.  She is a Catholic homeschool mother of seven girls and enjoys sharing her love for Catholicism with her Religion 9 class.

Susan Gonzalez

Gonzalez, Susan First Grade Math and LA.JPG

First Grade Math and Language Arts Teacher

Mrs. Gonzalez has a Master of Science from New York University and has years of experience teaching in Georgia and California.  She is also a Spanish interpreter for the Department of Education and enjoys integrating Spanish into our kindergarten and first-grade classrooms.  

Linda Grise-Grace

Linda Grise Grace SJTB.jpg

Head of Mathematics and Middle School Math Teacher

Mrs. Grace has been actively engaged in the educational field for over 23 years, as an administrator/principal and instructor. Mrs. Grace earned her MBA from Mercer University and MS Ed. from the University of Dayton. Mrs. Grace is passionate about Catholic education and is honored to be a part of the St. John the Baptist Hybrid School community.

Maggie Hall

Hall, Maggie Transcript Specialist and Head of History DeptJPG.jpg

Head of History Department and Transcript Specialist

Mrs. Hall holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta.  She has homeschooled her children for years and taught in other hybrid homeschool programs.  She uses her experience in graphic design while teaching history by incorporating unique art projects into the curriculum.  

Priya Johnson

Johnson, Priya Religion 10 and 11.JPG

Tenth and Eleventh Grade Religion Teacher

Mrs. Johnson has an academic background in English and education with a focus on children’s literature across the curriculum which began with undergraduate work at the University of Dallas, and was furthered through her graduate degrees through Texas A&M University, and Purdue University.  She taught at the university level for 5 years before she started homeschooling.  Mrs. Johnson has taught her own children as well as other children in co-ops, LEGO robotics, or hybrids for over 20 years. Mrs. Johnson has primarily focused on the teaching of literature, science, and history in a variety of educational environments and levels.  Additionally, Mrs. Johnson helps to coordinate school field trips and liturgical celebration opportunities for SJBH families and the local Catholic homeschool community.

Cristi Kent

Kent, Cristi Clerical Assistant.JPG

Clerical Assistant

Mrs. Kent has a Bachelor's in International Business and French from Loyola University.  She fulfills many roles at St. John the Baptist Hybrid, everything from operations management to substitute teaching.  She stays active with her three sons who participate in Boy Scouts, swim team, and more.  

Sharon Masinelli

Masinelli, Sharon Head of School and High School Science Instructor.JPG

Lead High School Science Teacher and School Administrator

Ms. Masinelli has a Master of Clinical Medical Science and is currently working on a Doctorate of Education degree.  She has taught at several other hybrid homeschool programs as well as Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University.  Ms. Masinelli has been a part-time Physician Assistant in cardiology since 2004.  She enjoys teaching science, particularly Biology, given her medical background.  She has eight children at St. John the Baptist Hybrid and has been married to her wonderful husband, Bob,  since 2002.

Shelby Muschara

Muschara, Shelby 3rd Grade Math and LA, Guidance Counselor.JPG

Third Grade Math and Language Arts Teacher, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Muschara graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Reinhardt College.  Her prior experience as a preschool teacher and extensive early childhood training has made her a favorite among our students!

Lindsey O'Daniels

O_Daniels, Lindsey 4th Grade Math, LA, and History, Head of K-8 Language Arts.JPG

Fourth Grade Math, Language Arts, and History Teacher, Head of K-8 Language Arts

Mrs. O’Daniels graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas in Elementary Education. She has a Master’s Degree in Reading Education from the University of Florida and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Georgia State.  She taught for ten years in elementary classrooms in both Florida and Georgia until the birth of her son in 2016.  Mrs. O’Daniels and her husband live in Smyrna and are blessed to have two wonderful children.

Heather Pulliam

Pulliam, Heather Kindergarten Teacher.JPG

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Pulliam graduated from Jackson State University with a bachelor's degree in
communications. She is a former preschool teacher who brings her knowledge and
creativity to the classroom to enhance the curiosity of learning in young students. With an
abundance of experience in early childhood education she’s passionate about the
development of young minds.

Tara Scavelli

Scavelli, Tara Latin Teacher.JPG

Latin Teacher


Robert Baeten


Director of Board

Dr. Baeten received his doctorate from University of Lynchberg.  He is an assistant professor at Mercer University.  His research interests include medical science education and ultrasound.  As an expert in cardiopulmonary critical care, he has served as Director At Large for the Society of Point of Care Ultrasound, Vice Chair of the Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery section of the American College of Chest Physicians.  Dr. Baeten is Chair of the Board for St. John the Baptist Hybrid.   He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching to our school.  

Mrs. Scavelli received a Bachelor's in Music and Communication from Valparaiso University.  She has seven children and has been a homeschool mom for years.  In addition to teaching Latin for St. John the Baptist Hybrid, Mrs. Scavelli is very active in community groups such as Trail Life and Lolek's Storytellers.

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