Frequently Asked Questions

St. John the Baptist Hybrid School

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

In order to maintain the safest possible school environment, St. John the Baptist Hybrid School is implementing the following COVID-19 Policy as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines published May 19, 2020 (  We reviewed the Georgia Path to Recovery document and implemented policies as appropriate for the risk of spread.  The decision to re-open is based on meeting all expectations in this CDC document.  

While eliminating all risks of COVID-19 is not possible, the following measures reduce the spread of the virus.


1. Cloth Face Coverings

 Face coverings will be worn by staff.  It is optional for students (highly encouraged for older students) as feasible and are most essential in times when physical distancing is difficult. Individuals should be frequently reminded not to touch the face covering and to wash their hands frequently.  Surgical masks will be available at drop off if needed.

       Information will be provided to our staff and students on the proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings. 

***Note: Cloth face coverings should not be placed on: Children younger than 2 years old or anyone who has trouble breathing.

***Note: Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. Cloth face coverings are not surgical masks, respirators, or other medical personal protective equipment.

***Note: Based on level of spread risk at various times throughout the year, cloth face coverings may be deemed optional.  Low risk of spread will result in optional cloth face coverings, moderate risk of spread will result in required cloth face coverings, and high risk of spread will require all classes to be canceled.


2. Frequent Hand Washing and Respiratory Hygiene

We encourage frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  Our facility will provide adequate soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer (60% alcohol).  Signage throughout the facility will encourage and reinforce proper hand hygiene.  Our staff will assist younger children with hygiene tasks. 

We also will be teaching and practicing good respiratory hygiene, for example, the use of disposable tissues and the covering of the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.  Sneeze guards will be placed in between students on the desks.


3. Social Distancing

We will encourage and monitor social distancing, that is, the “6 feet apart” rule.  Our classroom seating arrangements will place desks 6 feet apart when feasible.  When the desks cannot be at the 6 feet apart distance sneeze guards will be utilized.  The sharing of supplies will be prohibited.  

4. Communal Spaces

Playground areas will have staggered use with equipment cleaned after use. No cafeteria space will be used during times when the school is deemed at moderate risk of spread and students will be required to eat in classrooms.


5. Signs and Messages  

Signs will be posted in restrooms and classrooms that promote proper handwashing, the wearing of cloth face coverings and social distancing.

Teachers will remind students of the COVID-19 Policy at the beginning of the school day.  Parents and Faculty will receive any updated CDC information via email and/or school website.

6. Environmental Safety

Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, sinks, and tables will be cleaned daily per CDC guidelines.   Shared objects will be prohibited.  Cleaning supplies will be stored out of reach of children.  Hand sanitizers will be placed in every classroom, in hallways outside the classrooms, and upon entry to the school.  Prior to entering the school, students will step on a sanitizing mat to sanitize their shoes.  They will also sanitize their hands.

7. Gatherings and Activities

Group events, gatherings, meetings, field trips, and assemblies will be virtual when possible with any events having adequate social distancing spacing.    There will be a limit to nonessential visitors and volunteers.  


8.   Staying Home When Appropriate

Students and Staff are encouraged to stay home when sick.  Students and Staff who have sick family members are encouraged to stay home.  Students and staff are asked to stay home if they have known exposure to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 within 2 weeks.  Healthcare workers or first responders who have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment are considered exempt from the "known exposure" rule.

The School Director should be notified of any concerns regarding sick persons or questionable health symptoms.


9. Screening of All Persons Prior to Entry in the Building

A screening process will occur prior to entering the school building.  Students and staff will be asked to go home if they have:

  • A temperature greater than 99.9°F (37.7°C)

  • An oxygen saturation less than 94%

  • A new cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Known exposure to a person confirmed to have coronavirus within 10 days (unless appropriate medical gear was worn at the time of exposure)


10. Procedure if a student or faculty member becomes sick at school

A separate isolation area will be provided to anyone who exhibits COVID-like symptoms during hours of operation. Children will be isolated with adult supervision.  The parents of a student will be called to transport the child and all of the child’s siblings home.  Once any person on the premises has developed symptoms of an illness, they will be provided with a surgical mask and asked to wear the mask (ages 3 and up only).

The isolation area in which the ill person was placed shall be sanitized thoroughly 24 hours after the person has left (per CDC guidelines this reduces the risk for the cleaning person).  The room should not be utilized during the 24 hours before cleaning.


11. Return to school or work after an illness confirmed or suspected to be COVID-19

Students or staff may return to the school per CDC guidelines if all three of the criteria below are met:

  • 3 days with no fever and

  • Symptoms improved and

  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared


12. Teacher and Parent Training

The following resources will be provided to assist parents and teachers in learning more about COVID-19 prevention:


 Decision Tree for School Closure

If there is a confirmed COVID-19 case within the school

-All instruction will occur online only for 2 weeks following the confirmed diagnosis.

-Any person with a confirmed diagnosis must meet all three of the return criteria before they can return to campus:

  • 3 days with no fever and

  • Symptoms improved and

  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared



If the number of state COVID-19 cases increase by 30% or more OR if a nearby school has a documented COVID-19 case and closes OR if any other significant COVID-19 event occurs

-The school board will meet to determine the level of risk for our facility and decide the next steps.


If the governor recommends the closure of schools

-All instruction will occur online only until the order has been lifted.

Are the students required to wear a uniform?  Yes, students at St. John the Baptist Hybrid school wear a uniform.

You may purchase the uniform pieces from many different stores including Old Navy, Target, Children's Place, Land's End, Kohl's, etc.  There are no logos or patches required for our school polos.  The school patch is required for a hoodie or sweater and must be purchased from Lands' End.  Uniform pieces include:

K-7th Grade:

- Dark green polo

- Khaki pants or shorts for boys

- Khaki pants, shorts, jumper, or skirts (shorts and skirts must go to the knees and girls need to wear PE shorts under their skirts)

- Plaid skirt for K-4th grade girls (only available at Lands' End)

- Black hoodie or sweater with school patch (only available at Lands' End)

- Black belt

- White socks (up to mid-calf or knee)

- Black dress or boat shoes (Mary Janes for girls, no sneakers)

8th-12th Grade:

- Dark green, white or black polo

- Khaki or black pants for boys (black pants may not be worn with a black polo)

- Plaid skirt, khaki skirt, khaki pants, or black pants for girls (black pants may not be worn with a black polo)

- Black hoodie or sweater with school patch (only available at Lands' End)

- Black belt

- White socks (up to mid-calf or knee)

- Black shoes or boat shoes (athletic shoes must be completely black)

Name of the shirt color at:

Old Navy - "Plant Life"

Target - "Green"

Lands End - "Evergreen"

Children's Place - "Spruceshad"

To purchase from Lands' End, use the following instructions and code:


What does a typical day at St. John the Baptist Hybrid School look like?  School is held on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Classes start at 8:05 am with drop off as early as 7:45.  Dismissal is at 2:55 pm.

Math class 2 hours
LA class 2 hours
Lunch 30 minutes
Recess 15 minutes
Art/History 1.5 hours once a week
Science 1.5 hours twice a week
Religion 1.5 hours once a week

Does the school provide accommodations for students with learning disabilities?

While we encourage families who have children with special learning needs to homeschool, our program is not able to make accommodations for students in class at this time.