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A PK-12 hybrid school grounded in the Catholic faith

St. John the Baptist Hybrid School seeks to provide a nurturing educational environment in partnership with family and church. Our goal is to guide students on a journey of strong faith formation and academic excellence with an emphasis on quality education in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

St. John the Baptist Hybrid School is accredited by Cognia as a hybrid homeschool program for rades PK-12th with on-site classes on Mondays and Wednesdays with the option to take more classes on Fridays.  We strive to maintain high educational standards and guide students in Catholic faith formation. Parents will be provided lesson plans for instruction at home on homeschool days.  We offer annual testing on site and all standardized test scores will be reviewed with the parents to customize the learning plan for each student.

Created by a group of Catholic homeschooling families, St. John the Baptist Hybrid School was formed to serve the needs of our growing hybrid homeschooling community.  We are a non-profit establishment with veteran homeschooling parents on our Board of Directors who are active members in their churches and highly value religious formation in each student. Our Language Arts and Mathematics instructors are certified teachers with many years of experience in education.

About St. John the Baptist Hybrid School

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Hybrid School

St. John the Baptist is a unique type of education program which is known as a hybrid homeschool program.  Our students attend school in a traditional classroom setting up to 3 days per week. Teachers provide the primary instruction in the classroom, create lesson plans, and assign grades.  Parents are highly involved, facilitating learning on the days students are at home.  

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A Blend of Classical & Traditional Education

Our pedagogical approach combines traditional instructional methods while also employing classical methods.  Through studying ancient history and classical literature in history and language arts, our students are encouraged to think critically, deeply, and with a moral purpose.  Latin is our primary foreign language offered in high school but we also offer alternatives such as American Sign Language, Italian, and Spanish.

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Our school families are involved in many ways at church, school, and in the community.  Our families are an integral part of the program.  Students enjoy fun events throughout the year at St. John the Baptist thanks to our wonderful community.  Some of our special events include: Annual Fun Run, Christmas Store, Field Day, and classroom parties.  With the flexibility of hybrid homeschooling, you will often see our families gathering to participate in outside events as a group on homeschool days.  

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Quick Facts

Only hybrid school accredited by Cognia in Cobb County that is grounded in the Catholic faith

Offer up to 3 days per week of in-person classes for students in grades PK-12

Enrichment & elective classes offered on Fridays a-la-carte

4 field trips & 2 service projects per year

Morning prayers including the rosary each school day

Parent training classes twice a year

High school students are offered dual enrollment & are eligible for HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships immediately after graduation

Surprisingly affordable tuition

10:1 student to teacher ratio

Outstanding and experienced faculty, many with advanced degrees

Standardized testing administered yearly

Numerous fun events including: Field Day, Christmas Store, Fun Run, classroom
parties, and special lunch days

Fully Accredited by Cognia

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St. John the Baptist Hybrid School is proud to partner with organizations in our community that support our mission to provide exceptional hybrid education. 

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